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Celebrate Eweek with the Engineering and Public Works Roadshow

Celebrate E-week with the Engineering and Public Works Roadshow 
Help us celebrate Engineers Week by watching the latest stop of the Engineering and Public Works Roadshow live tomorrow at 11:30 am MST from Phoenix, Arizona, where we will spotlight the Northwest Valley Infrastructure Project.
 Why it matters: The Northwest Valley Infrastructure Project is a $125 million investment to expand water/wastewater services in the Phoenix area to support the construction of a new semiconductor plant - a $12 billion investment in the state. 
The big picture: Economic development cannot occur without the robust infrastructure to support it, and that’s why engineering is essential for economic growth, opportunity, and a better standard of living. This project encapsulates why our industry is essential. 
Your Move: You can help spread the essentiality of our industry by watching the Roadshow stop and sharing the livestream with your social network.Tune in at 11:30am - that’s 1:30pm Eastern, 12:30pm Central and 10:30am Pacific to to watch the event on the homepage.
Share the livestream on ACEC’s YouTube page here. While you’re there, make sure to like and subscribe to the channel.

The Engineering and Public Works Roadshow is a joint project of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), the American Public Works Association(APWA), and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). 
The Roadshow marks the first time the leading organizations representing the designers and public operators of America’s infrastructure have joined together to shine a spotlight on what successful infrastructure investment means for the nation’s economy, jobs, the environment, and our future. 
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