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Available to Consulting Engineering & Land Surveying Firms which hold a valid registration card with the Arizona State Board of Technical Registrations. Your membership entitles you to many benefits, including those both tangible and intangible. The benefits you realize will increase with your participation.

When joining the ACEC Arizona, your firm will also join as a member of the national American Council of Engineering Companies and will receive the benefits of this dual membership. (If you are a branch office of a national firm, your national office may already be a member of the American Council of Engineering Companies. In this case, you pay only state dues.)

Dues are based on the estimated number of full-time employees (i.e., engineers, designers, clerical, administration – everyone) in your Arizona office(s) from the first of July through the end of June (ACEC National’s fiscal year). The number of employees is converted to an “Index Point,” which is used for dues calculation.

Dues may be billed/paid annually or quarterly. While membership can be canceled at any time during the year, any unused portion of the dues already paid are not refundable.

Please complete the application. We will calculate your actual dues and send you an invoice with your membership approval. Please allow 2 weeks for the membership approval process, applications must be approved by the board.

Tangible Benefits

  • Liaison and Committee participation (at a reduced member cost)

  • Training through seminars, courses, conferences and publications

  • LEAP (Leadership in Engineering Administration Program) for young professionals (at a reduced member cost)

  • Availability of coalitions to pursue special interests and issues

  • Up-to-date information from the organization’s newsletter, website, and e-mail

  • State and federal legislative activities on tort reform, liability, indemnity, wage and hour, OSHA, procurement, and a myriad of varied issues

  • Direct involvement with the State Board of Technical Registration

  • Peer Review

  • Annual Salary Survey

  • Engineering Excellence and Legacy Awards Gala

  • Scholarships for member firm employees or family members of employees

  • Business Insurance, Life/Health Insurance, and ACEC Retirement Trust

  • Credit union membership and discounts on rental car and other business services

  • All member firms are listed on the ACEC Arizona website

  • A professional ACEC Arizona staff to assist you and your firm when and as needed

INTangible Benefits

  • Affiliation with engineers to enhance engineering presence in the marketplace and to promote engineering business interests

  • Student outreach and career days

  • Exchange of ideas and problem solving with peers in management

  • Recognition of your firm and key individuals in your firm

  • Marketing and networking opportunities

  • Professional development

  • Promoting and maintaining an ethical environment

  • Benefiting from the power of group activities, i.e., Qualifications-based Selection, contract language, lobbying, etc. on national, state and local level

  • Participation in programs for decision makers that may influence projects from an engineering viewpoint

  • Promote engineering aspects of local projects to community

  • Press Releases and feature articles in local publications

Government Advocacy: An Engineer's Voice in Local, State, & National Issues

ACEC Arizona’s well-established, effective lobbying team maintains an active and influential presence at the State Capitol, screens all bills to impact the engineering community, and testifies at legislative hearings on key engineering issues. ACEC Arizona sponsors priority legislation in the areas of qualifications based selection, design/build, indemnification, prompt pay, certificate of merit, etc. ACEC Arizona has an informed political action committee and aggressive candidate support system, close ties with the State Board of Technical Registration, Arizona Department of Transportation, as well as cities and counties.

Newsletter, The Official Newsletter of ACEC Arizona: Part of the Solution

ACEC Arizona’s monthly newsletter is filled with pertinent state and national information on business, legal, and professional matters important to Arizona consultants. Vital issues such as client news, improved operations, marketing, financing options, industry trends, professional development, liaison reports, upcoming projects, and the calendar of events are covered.

Publications: Extensive Information for Your Business Needs

The popular salary and benefits survey of all ACEC Arizona member firms is conducted annually to reflect the latest Arizona salary trends. Results are only distributed to principals of member firms. ACEC offers a wide variety of webinars, and publications covering a wide range of business issues including leadership, human resources management, project management, contract and legal issues, please visit

Engineering Excellence and Legacy Awards: Let Your Accomplishments Shine

ACEC Arizona’s annual awards program is designed to recognize excellence in engineering and gives your firm the opportunity to show-off an outstanding project for public exposure and marketing benefits at both the state and national levels. Your team members can exhibit their skills to clients and peers.

ACEC Bottom-line Benefits: Pays to Save

ACEC Life Health Trust.png

Networking/Marketing: Expand Your Presence in the Engineering Community

Meetings and social functions are held with peers to discuss common business interests and partnering opportunities, as well as current trends and problem-solving in engineering and management. You can capitalize on hassle-free contacts with quality businesses by utilizing ACEC Arizona Affiliate Members (blueprint companies, aerial mapping, attorneys, etc.). ACEC Arizona offers you the opportunity to interface with architects, contractors, home builders, public works officials, and private clients.

Liaison, Committees: Build Ties with Public Agencies

ACEC Arizona has ongoing, established relationships with local, state, and federal agencies. Monthly meetings are held for you to meet with key government entities to discuss upcoming projects and issues as well as to promote common interests and the use of ACEC Arizona Members.

Agencies include: ADOT; City of Phoenix; Maricopa County; Tucson, South Tucson, Marana, & Oro Valley, Pima County; Pinal County; City of Scottsdale; East Valley (Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, Apache Junction); West Valley (Glendale, Litchfield Park, Surprise, Peoria, Tolleson); Flagstaff & Northern Arizona.

Professional Development: Affordable Continuing Education

Multiple seminars and workshops are held throughout Arizona which provide top-notch, low cost education on a variety of meaningful topics. Professional development hours are earned by all attendees. ACEC Arizona offers a “Leadership in Engineering Administration Program” for upwardly mobile young professional engineers in order to help develop successful leaders who please your clients and make money for your firm.

Community Outreach: Understanding & Esteem

ACEC Arizona circulates information promoting the professional responsibilities and services of consulting engineers. Private practice engineering is conveyed to the public with the aim of developing understanding and appreciation for the value provided by consulting engineers. Programs in the past have included Habitat for Humanity, mall exhibits, and our school library program which distributes entertaining and educational engineering books for kindergarten thru 8th graders to make engineering accessible and exciting.

American Council of Engineering Companies: National Partner

The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) aids ACEC Arizona members by providing multiple member benefits including federal legislation, sensitizing legislators to consulting engineers’ concerns, working to decrease government regulation, attempting to eliminate unfair competition, and creating new business for your firm. Within ACEC, numerous opportunities to serve on national committees exist. The services of ACEC are just a phone call away to help you in every aspect of your business. Call ACEC at (202) 347-7474 or refer to their website at

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