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About Us

The American Council of Engineering Companies of Arizona (ACEC Arizona)

The American Council of Engineering Companies of Arizona (ACEC Arizona) is devoted exclusively to the business interests of engineers and land surveyors in private practice. With the active support of our membership, ACEC Arizona initiatives help create a business environment that encourages quality design, service to the public, and, ultimately, your bottom line. ACEC Arizona is a member organization of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) headquartered in Washington, D.C.

ACEC Arizona is a dynamic business association with member firms employing over 5,500 employees in the independent private practice of consulting engineering and land surveying in Arizona. ACEC Arizona member firms also include affiliate members who support the consulting engineering/land surveying firms, such as contractors, material suppliers, legal counsel, insurance, right-of-way, environmental, and more! ACEC Arizona is a founding member of the national ACEC organization, headquartered in Washington, D.C., which currently supports over 5,600 member firms employing approximately 600,000 employees. ACEC Arizona aims to ensure every member experiences their membership to its fullest potential. To achieve this goal, we have outlined key components of your ACEC Arizona membership services, resources, and opportunities that benefit you, your company, and your clients. In addition, we support all our members so you can easily access information researched by ACEC Arizona, all of which are designed to enhance the consulting engineering profession and its fundamental business practices.

The mission of the American Council of Engineering Companies of Arizona is to assist members in achieving higher professional, ethical, business, and economic standards, enabling member firms to provide quality consulting engineering services for their clients and the public.

Your firm and clients will benefit from your ACEC Arizona membership through networking opportunities, access to electronic information, special events used to promote ACEC Arizona membership, and creating opportunities for business development. ACEC Arizona is a vast resource for all members with valuable benefits, both tangible and intangible available to you and your company. We welcome your feedback, ideas, and directions that will help keep our membership value strong.

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