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I-11 Updates - Arizona Spring of Opportunity

Dear Supporters of the I-11 Coalition,

As we maintain our commitment to the transformative potential of I-11, we would like to highlight some of the Coalition’s efforts and news highlights. 

In February, the I-11 Coalition Board met with Southern Arizona leaders to discuss the importance of the I-11 Corridor, and the impacts it will have on Arizona and beyond. We appreciated the insights as it relates to trade and commerce. We look forward to many more conversations to come. It is important to remember our collective efforts will not only benefit specific regions but the entire state, fostering prosperity and opportunity for generations to come.

Arizona is witnessing significant developments in its transportation infrastructure and economic landscape. With the Biden administration allocating $6.6 billion to TSMC, Arizona has solidified its position as a leading hub for the semiconductor industry, aiming to dominate global high-tech chip production. Additionally, the state has emerged as a crucial "inland port" for e-commerce and distribution facilities, further bolstering its economic vitality. Interstate 11 will play a pivotal role in this monumental expansion. The future highway is set to revolutionize the region, enhancing logistics and connections in a way that not only propels the local economy to new heights, but also cements the U.S.'s leading role in the global technology landscape.

In major transportation news, Senator Krysten Sinema's impactful efforts have been recognized by the South West Transit Association, honoring her for securing $349 million in investments since November 2021 to enhance and expand public transportation networks across Arizona.

Moreover, Arizona's allure as a premier destination for major events like the Final Four underscores the importance of efficient transportation infrastructure. Beyond the excitement of events, which have injected an estimated $250-300 million into the state's economy, they serve as showcases for Arizona's sports tourism potential. I-11 promises to elevate visitor experiences and amplify economic benefits by facilitating easier access to the state's renowned venues and attractions.

Stay connected with our LinkedIn and Facebook pages to see the latest insights and engage in the discussion to actively shape the trajectory of Arizona's transportation landscape. The I-11 Coalition extends a warm invitation to all passionate stakeholders – let us collaborate and propel I-11 towards a future defined by progress and prosperity.

Thank you for your dedication to this important endeavor. Together, we will ignite momentum and propel I-11 toward realization.

Thank you,

Christian Price

President, I-11 Coalition


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