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Please be advised...

The city of Phoenix is performing maintenance on the RFX (procurement) platform, so it may be offline all this week. Early next week, they plan to issue notifications of revised (extended) procurement submittal dates. The changes won’t technically be official until posted through RFX, but they wanted to give the consultants a little relief before the 4th of July. The change is based on three fairly significant Street solicitations due the same day. They are listed below...

Engineering on-call services: CALENDAR YEARS 2025-2027 due date to remain unchanged at July 19, 2024.


ST85100453 - Dobbins Road: SR202L to 27th Avenue-Engineering Services extending the due date to July 26, 2024.


ST87600145 - 3rd Street: Rio Salado to Jefferson Street Connector, extending the due date to August 2, 2024.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

Eric J. Froberg, P.E.

City Engineer

City of Phoenix

200 West Washington Street, 5th Floor

Phoenix, AZ  85003

O:  (602) 262-6748


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