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New! AI for AEC: Business Development & Marketing Transformed

Four-part online series to address the latest transformative technology, artificial intelligence and how it is being used for business development and marketing functions in AEC firms.

An Introduction to AI in the AEC Industry | Aug. 3 - Learn how AI is going to transform the AEC industry through business development and marketing business functions.

Content Development & Application Integration | Sept. 14 - See AI in action when using for business development, marketing, and communications writing. Watch a live use of generative AI and how you can use it in your firm.

Adopting AI Into Your Firm | Oct. 25 - Hear from an author and CEO of a technology consulting company who is currently implementing an AI strategy with an ENR 100 design firm. Learn how to create a strategy to bring AI into your firm and how to properly leverage it.

A Legal and Ethical Review | Nov. 14 - Hear from a technology lawyer and a marketing communications manager for an ENR Top 500 engineering firm on the legal and ethical concerns surrounding AI. Understand regulations, potential legal implications, and risks of copyright and intellectual infringement.

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