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Attention ACEC member firms....

ACEC Arizona values your membership and strives to provide you with timely, relevant information in support of the Arizona consulting engineering and land surveying communities.

With economic uncertainties and continuously changing recruitment and retention challenges and opportunities facing companies, ACEC Arizona is sponsoring a short planning survey (11 questions) to provide members with an updated view of what is happening now versus when the Salary, Benefits and Business Practices survey was last completed in Spring 2023. This includes plans for salary increases to be awarded in 2024. (NOTE: the regular version of the survey will be conducted in March 2024.)

Please review or forward this email to the right person(s) in your company, if you are not the appropriate contact to act upon this invitation. If someone else should be set up to respond on behalf of your company, email Susan Owens, Survey Administrator.

ACEC Arizona has once again engaged the services of The Owens Group, Inc., an independent human resources consultant, to confidentially collect, validate, analyze and report results of the survey. Participating companies' names will not be included in the report.

Your company has two weeks to participate. The survey is open through Friday, October 20th.

We look forward to your company's participation, and please contact the survey administrator if you have any questions.

Thank You!

Susan Owens | Survey Administrator

The Owens Group, Inc.


Justan Rice | President

ACEC Arizona



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