LEAP is a career development program designed for upwardly mobile young professionals working in Arizona’s consulting engineering industry. A program to help us develop successful business leaders who consistently please our clients and create value in our firms.


The Leadership in Engineering Administration Program (LEAP) is a career development program designed for upwardly mobile young professionals working in Arizona’s consulting engineering industry. LEAP is a program that leads to the development of successful business leaders who consistently please our clients and create value in our firms.

Presented By

American Council of Engineering Companies of Arizona

532 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85003
Phone: 602-995-2187
Email: administration@acecaz.org

LEAP Schedule

8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Nine Sessions

Dates are subject to change

ACEC Arizona Office, 532 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85003


Application Instructions


Deadline: December 4, 2020

2021 LEAP Days

Introduction & Icebreaker, Understanding Ourselves & Others
Introduction - Lance Jones, Chairman ACEC Arizona
Trainers – Jeff Koenig (NCTI)
A great “Icebreaker” session as you get started in LEAP. You will gain a better understanding of yourself and the other members of your class. This will occur through an organized and structured self-assessment evaluation and feedback process: What are my values, needs, and joys? What bothers me a lot? How do I recover? Tailored exercises for internal work teams and external relationships. The session will be facilitated by Jeff Koenig, a National Curriculum & Training Institute leadership professional. Stan Turney will lead a session covering program goals, curriculum highlights, ground rules, and networking objectives to set the stage for future classes.
Effective Coaching for Leadership Success
Trainer – Pete Walsh (Peak Performance Coaching)
In this interactive and informative session, you'll work with Master Certified Coach Pete Walsh to understand why coaching is the most effective form of leadership in today's highly competitive world. Takeaways from this session are:
• understanding the differences between coaching, managing, leading, mentoring
• knowing which situations call for the different leadership styles
• understanding the cultural trends that make coaching the right leadership choice
• assessing your own personal coaching “readiness”
• watching real-time coaching from a Master Certified Coach
• practicing real-time coaching using the simple four-step process
• developing your own coaching plan for your work team
• having a proven and reliable process for creating higher levels of results with your work team
Walsh is the author of the book “Coach to Win the Leadership Game” and works with leaders in some of the most respected companies from Bangor, Maine, to Seattle, Washington. Participants in his program enjoy Walsh's humor, down to earth style, and ability to help “stretch” leaders so they can reach their and their teams' potential.
Communications Skills for Business Success, Value Creation in Consulting Engineering
Trainers – Hilari Weinstein (High Impact Communication)
Communicating with Confidence – whether communicating to peers, owners, or prospective clients,
clear and effective communication is essential to long-term success in the business of engineering. In this session, participants will learn some easy to use tips and guidelines to help them present their ideas with greater confidence and effectiveness. Participants will then be given the opportunity to apply the techniques by preparing a short introduction and project discussion. Each will present to the class and get individual coaching. The training day will conclude with an introduction to the “fundamental definition of a business” and its application to the “business of consulting engineering.” Consider value creation in a consulting engineering business. Prepare to visit with your mentor(s) to discover how you can become fully engaged in value creation to benefit the firm and your career success. Prepare to deliver a presentation to the Day Four class on your findings.
Consultant Organizations; Why is Political Engagement Important and How Do You Get Involved;
Student Presentations on Value Creation
Trainers – Justan Rice (President ACEC Arizona), Hilari Weinstein (High Impact Communication)
Hear the experiences of a seasoned veteran in organizing and managing a successful consulting engineering business. Understand your benefits and responsibilities as a registered professional. Justan Rice will discuss “Why is Political Engagement Important and How Do You Get Involved.” After lunch, you will hear presentations from your classmates on how they contribute to value creation in their businesses and increase their career opportunities at the same time. Student presentations will be critiqued by Hilari Weinstein.
Project Scoping, Planning & Control
Trainer – William B. Carroll, P.E. (Engineering and Environmental Consultants, Inc.)
Reinforce your understanding of scope in an interactive class exercise. Learn the fundamentals of project execution planning and consider the project planning process. Learn how to develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) and use it as the framework of your project execution plan. Learn procedures for logical sequencing of work packages in the WBS, for assigning labor and costs to each, and for estimating their duration. Learn how to display the project as a graphic, resource-loaded schedule, and how to adjust the schedule for available resources. Project control – monitor and control project services in conformance with scope, schedule, and budget. Learn how to measure and report project status and determine “earned value” at reporting points during project execution. Learn how to recognize and manage scope changes. Learn how to analyze changes and develop your negotiating position to gain additional fees and time to complete the project. And, how to institute a Quality Control program.
Managing Business Risk, Contracts that Manage Risk, and Managing Construction Phase Risk
Trainers – To Be Determined
Understand how project delivery methods affect risk. Learn the importance of managing sub-consultants, joint ventures, and teams. Understand professional liability insurance. Avoid litigation! This session is an introduction to professional service contracts. Learn fundamental risk management principles and how to deal with risk. Define the level of performance and rising above the standard of care. Understand Deal Makers vs. Deal Breakers. Learn about constructibility reviews and design quality management to reduce risk. Guard against vicarious liability. What are your construction responsibilities? Address construction safety programs and procedures. Know how to respond to indemnity demands and joint defense arrangements. Conclude with “Ethics for the Professional Engineer.”
Winning Proposals and Selling Consulting Engineering Services
Trainer – Barbara Shuck (Everest Marketing Services)
Learn how to develop winning proposals and presentations. Both the strategy and tactics of creating and delivering proposals and presentations can make a significant difference in the way you differentiate your firm in your markets, helping you provide value to your clients and improve your win rates. The afternoon session will focus on debunking myths about marketing and “sales.” We will equip you to help develop profitable, strategically aligned business for your firm. We will discuss the relationship between marketing and business development so that you can make informed choices about marketing investments for your firm as you learn to develop BD strategy and tactics, use your marketing team for maximum effectiveness, and learn how to sell consulting engineering and design services.
Human Resources and Persuasive Presentations
Trainers – TBD
Learn the complexities of “Human Resources” Management: recruitment, harassment, discipline and termination. After lunch, learn how to craft and deliver powerful presentations that motivate clients to select you for the project.
Project Presentations, Graduation Ceremony, and Graduation Speeches
Trainers – Hilari Weinstein (High Impact Communication), Lance Jones (ACEC Arizona Chairman) Marketing teams will deliver their “Project Presentations” as shortlisted competitors. Presentations will be made to a “Selection Panel” including volunteer principals from firms. The winning team will be “selected” by the panel. Forensic analysis of presentations will follow in class discussions, time permitting. Graduation Ceremony and Luncheon will follow. Ending the day will be graduation speeches reflecting on LEAP lessons learned and career goals.