Chuck waits patiently for the light rail to arrive at his stop.
Chuck rides the light reail to work everyday.
Chuck heads to the office and is thankful his commute is easy.

Hi, I’m Chuck!

I’m a proud Phoenix native, light rail rider, and dog about town. Like many of my fellow Phoenicians, the light rail connects me to my community where I live, work (gotta keep kibble on the table), and play (frisbee is a fav). Life is pretty dogon good!

If Prop 105 is passed by Phoenix voters on August 27, 2019, light rail will be stopped in its tracks FOREVER and Phoenicians just like me will be left without a ride.

But, you can help! By voting NO on Prop 105 you’ll keep the ride alive!

Just Remember: Chuck Needs a Ride – Vote NO on Prop 105!

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