9th Annual Arizona Transportation Legacy Awards

The Roads & Streets Legacy Awards Committee is seeking your nomination(s) for an individual to receive the 9th Annual Arizona Transportation Legacy Award!

The criteria for submitting individual Nominees for this prestigious award are:

  • The Nominee must have made a significant, noteworthy contribution to any mode of transportation in Arizona. Significant contributions include (but are not limited to) planning, design, technical development, construction, management, education, and/or multi-modal transportation.
  • The Nominee may come from government, private practice, construction, education or industry.
  • The Nominee may be living or deceased, and may be working or retired.

To access the nomination form, click here.

The deadline to submit a nomination is February 15, 2019.

Please refer all questions and submit nominations to Kelly Kaysonepheth at kkaysonepheth@aztec.us